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The potato´s puzzling genome

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Our TOOL&RESEARCH section gives you a perfect overview about different NGS-appliance we are using to answer different questions about the whole plant genome.

We develop methods to reconstruct genomes, find differences between them and try to understand what their contribution to phenotypic differences is.

Our group´s major focus is to advanced NGS-based analyses by addressing questions that could not be resolved previously. Whole-genome sequencing-based methods were used to accelerate forward genetics by directly linking mutant phenotypes to the genetic changes and to understand how genomes change over time (e.g. due to controlled mechanisms like recombination during meiosis).

a   Extraction of gamete nuclei

b   Single-cell genome sequencing of haploid gametes and haplotype phasing

c   Genetic map construction based on the recombination patterns in the gamete genomes

d   Long-read sequencing of somatic material

e   Separation if long reads based on genetic linkage groups using phased alleles

f   Independent assembly of each haplotype of each linkage group

g   Scaffolding assemblies to chromosome-level using gamete-derived genetic map